Our Story

The story began for my wife and I in the spring of 1991 as we made the Lord Jesus the third cord that would bring us to become one flesh.  But years prior to my wife and I falling in love with one another, we both fell in love with our savior.  She surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus in 1979 and I received the gift of salvation in 1985.  We have two wonderful children Tiffaney and Nathan and two beautiful grandchildren Brayden and Gabe plus our son-in-law Zach.

God called me into the ministry in July 2005.  As I began to evangelize, I realized I was very young in God's word. The desire to feed others drove me deeper into scripture.  All I have ever wanted to do is to be led by God.  I became Pastor of Blessed Hope on the first Sunday of Dec. of 2010.  Just as in the beginning of God's ministry all I want to do is be led by God and to lead others to a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ.